Clogeny | Big data, cloud computing, DevOps, internet of things, product lifecycle management
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Domain Expertise

Clogeny’s key expertise lies in three domains: big data analytics, cloud computing, and DevOps. These are three of the most sought-after technology domains in the industry today. Having deep knowledge in these domains make us stand out among the pack as the coolest provider of services.

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Technology Solutions

Technology is our bread and butter. We are here to stay. What gives us the kick is to see our solutions transforming the business of our clients. After nearly a hundred clients, thousands of hours of development, and many solutions under our belt, we are a matured technology solutions provider in our focus areas.

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Our technology services range from product development and cloud computing to big data analytics, and storage development services. Rather than limiting ourselves to one thing, we have diversified our focus, making us capable of touching all aspects of IT in the industries we cater to.

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About Clogeny

The purpose of Clogeny is to enable product companies to bring to the market customer-focused and cutting-edge products in a quick time span and at a reasonable cost. After successfully delivering projects for 35 customers in just 2.5 years in the domains of Cloud Computing, Big Data, DevOps and Storage, we haven’t budged from our core principles.

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Founded in 2007 by Sanjay Sehgal, MSys Technologies started with a commitment to deliver the best in IT services and automation software. We quickly built our reputation as the preferred innovation partner in storage, cloud computing, embedded systems, testing and test automation technologies. We have helped over 150 clients build and modernize their products.

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MSys accepts high-end technology challenges and delivers quality solutions for our clients operating in numerous domains. Our commitment to the clients’ success made the clients to get a superior-level of confidence and partner with MSys.


MSys is an innovator in offering IT services and domain specific automation software.

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